Yeundeng Enterprise CO., LTD. was founded in 1989. It has been around for 20 years, originally starting as a processing factory for hardware stores before becoming an ODM manufacturing company. After transforming into an ODM company, Yeundeng as well transformed their manufacturing to not only live up to their own standards, but to deliver the best quality products to our clients.
Providing refined, delicate and functional products to each of our clients.

  • Functional

  • Attractive

  • Consistent

Our founder, Wen-Bin Chen, discovered that sanitary equipment in advanced countries combined functionality and beauty when he participated IHF (Internationale Eisenwarenmese Koln) in Germany. This is when he realized that the sanitary equipment in Taiwan were often simple, crude, and even unsightly.He therefore, decided to improve the quality and was determined to transform the company to an ODM company.

He also helped popularize the functional and high quality sanitary equipment to households throughout Taiwan. Yeundeng continues to enhance their market position, cooperating with both wholesalers and domestic manufacturing with plans for future cooperation from Italy and Spain.


Yeundeng is a well-known sanitary ODM company in Taiwan. We plan to extend our role into the broader worldwide market, by cooperating with foriegn designers and manufactures. Our mission is to bring the quality of MIT (Made in Taiwan) products into the global market by participating in global sanitary equipment fairs.


We believe that companies should be responsible for the environment, and must be aware of our consuquences on the environment. So Yeundeng produces our products in an enviromentaly sustainable way, even down to reducing amount of welding needed. With the goal of achieving completely sustainable manufacturing. The company believes strongly in “Putting people first”, and structures its employees benefits accordingly. It’s our mission to have a productive, healthy and happy work environment for our employees that fosters growth and innovation.


Yeundeng’s management has three pillars, Innovation, Focus and Integration, that drive day to day decisions and our business relationships.

Our employees are creative, focused, and work together like family. Constantly expanding their skillsets as well as innovating new designs and manufacturing processes. Focusing even on the smallest details they are providing complete sanitary manufacturing based entirely in Taiwan.